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Oklahoma City receives a significant portion of its water from southeastern Oklahoma via a 100-mile-long, 60-inch diameter, pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipeline (PCCP) that was originally installed in the early 1960s. The OKC metro area has grown significantly since then, and additional water from the Atoka Reservoir is necessary, resulting in the construction of a parallel pipeline. Plummer provided design services for Segment 8, a 12.7-mile segment that will parallel the existing line in the existing 100-foot-wide easement. The new pipeline will be72-inches in diameter and will be constructed out of steel.

During a site visit, Plummer personnel discovered several locations where the ground has eroded enough to completely expose and undermine the existing PCCP pipe. Plummer designed stabilization, lowering, and repairs associated with three areas of exposed pipe. Since this pipeline is the main water source for the City of Oklahoma City and surrounding communities, minimizing shutdowns is important.

Plummer will provide construction management services during the construction phase of the project.


East Fork Water Reuse Project

As the largest project in Texas using reclaimed water to augment a surface water supply source, the East Fork Water Reuse Project provides the NTMWD with over 102,000 acre-feet of water per year.

City Of Irving Urban Center Lift Station

The Urban Center Lift Station is a wastewater lift station designed with seven submersible pumps, providing a firm capacity of 45 million gallons per day (mgd).

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