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Pumping & Storage

Pumping & Storage Services

  • Pumping Assessments
  • Flow Measurements & Hydraulic Modeling
  • Sizing
  • Equipment and Pump Selection
  • Pit Type Selection
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Project Management
About Pumping & Storage

Plummer has evaluated and designed improvements to over 115 water pump stations and wastewater lift stations of various configurations and capacities ranging from less than 1 MGD to over 1,300 MGD. Being able to accurately assess pumping needs through our knowledge and experience with distribution and collection system hydraulics allows us to provide clients with overall designs that are safe and reliable.  Our team can combine flow measurement and piping system performance modeling with hands-on equipment evaluations to deliver complete pumping system assessments.  Additionally, we have the in-house engineering capabilities to design the electrical, instrumentation, and SCADA systems for these stations, offering operators peace of mind and providing for a seamless integration with the rest of your system.

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Key ContactS

Key Contact

Brian Wright, PE
Brian Wright, PE
Pump & Lift Station Senior Project Manager

Brian has nearly four decades of experience in pump and lift station design, pipeline design, and construction administration. He has designed and overseen the construction of more than 500 pump and lift stations, including new systems and rehabilitated systems for municipal, mining, and agricultural applications. His design experience includes lake intake, wet well, deep well, and booster stations. As a previous owner of a design/build firm, Brian was in charge of servicing pump stations and re-building pumps from various locations. This experience added to his awareness of pump station design to allow for ease of access and low maintenance.

Sample Projects

Denison Randell Lake Raw Water Pump Station & Intake Structure

The City of Denison retained Plummer to design a new intake structure and pump station at Randell Lake to provide raw water to the City’s Randell water treatment plant (WTP).

City of Greeley Ashcroft Lift Station

The City of Greeley required a new lift station to collect and pump wastewater from the St. Michaels subdivision to the gravity sewer installed for the UC Health facility.

City of Irving Urban Center Lift Station

The Urban Center Lift Station is a wastewater lift station designed with seven submersible pumps, providing a firm capacity of 45 million gallons per day (mgd).

Plano Spring Creek Lift Station Improvement

Plano’s Spring Creek Lift Station No. 2 was originally designed for a firm capacity of 60 million gallons per day (mgd); however, it had never been able to pump more than 32 mgd.

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