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Trinity River Authority Bear Creek Interceptor 09BC-01A


Trinity River Authority


Arlington, Texas
United States





Construction Management

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Plummer provided assessment, design, and coordination services for this five-mile gravity wastewater interceptor. The project included the condition assessment of 36-inch to 60-inch reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) in the wastewater collection system to determine if the interceptor could be rehabilitated by cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining or slip lining, or if the interceptor would need to be abandoned and paralleled with a new pipeline. The determination was based on several factors, including cost of rehabilitation, projected flow demands, easement acquisition, easement widths, and creek erosion. The scope of work also included a preliminary survey of flowlines and property lines and survey of areas where the creek had eroded and could endanger the pipeline. 

Plummer designed five miles of new pipeline, including 3,500 linear feet (LF) located on Bear Creek Golf Course which is owned by Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFWIA). Plummer led the effort to coordinate with the golf course through a series of workshops and meetings with DFWIA and the golf course operating company. Plummer helped expedite the construction of four junction structures and two aerial crossings through innovative construction methods. This helped the construction of the 3,500 LF of 60-inch and 48-inch pipe with two new aerial crossings to happen in less than four months. Construction of the reminder of the pipeline is under way, with approximately 3.5 miles of pipeline completed. The last phase of construction is primarily located in City of Grapevine parks but also crosses two major highways. Phase I of this project has been completed, and the Phase II design is in the final stages. Phase II construction is expected to start in summer 2020, finishing in 2021.


Upper Trinity Regional Water District Stone Hill Parallel 72-inch Pipeline

Plummer designed a 3.8-mile, 72-inch diameter parallel pipeline, which included 10 trenchless crossings.

TRWD/DWU Integrated Pipeline Project Section 15-1

Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) and Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) partnered to develop the Integrated Pipeline (IPL) Project to bring raw water from their East Texas sources to the Metroplex.

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