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TarrantRegional Water District (TRWD) and Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) partnered todevelop the Integrated Pipeline (IPL) Project to bring raw water from theirEast Texas sources (Richland-Chambers Reservoir, Cedar Creek Reservoir, andLake Palestine) to the Metroplex. The overall project consists of 150 miles ofpipeline, three new lake pump stations, and three new booster pump stationswith the capacity to deliver up to 350 million gallons per day (mgd). The IPLProject will be constructed in phases, with a combined estimated constructioncost of more than $2 billion.

Plummerserved on the design team for IPL Section 15-1, which encompassed more than 15miles of 108-inch diameter pipeline. Plummer provided the following services:

  • Preliminary and detailed design for approximately5 miles of 108-inch diameter pipeline, including options for steel orpre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe
  • Structural design for a pipeline interconnectionand energy dissipation facility
  • Environmental analysis along the full length ofSection 15-1
  • Restoration/erosion protection design for all creekcrossings

TheRichland-Chambers intertie connects the existing 90-inch TRWD transmissionpipeline with the new 108-inch IPL and will be required to continuouslydissipate approximately 40 psi of operating pressure through the entire rangeof flow from 0 to 150 mgd. This design required multiple orifice plates inseries with control valves to dissipate the pressure head without cavitationwhile maintaining stable control at the Richland-Chambers raw water intake pumpstation.


Trinity River Authority Bear Creek Interceptor 09BC-01A

Plummer provided assessment, design, and coordination services for this five-mile gravity wastewater interceptor.

Oklahoma City Atoka Pipeline Design

Oklahoma City receives a significant portion of its water from southeastern Oklahoma via a 100-mile-long, 60-inch diameter, pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipeline (PCCP) that was originally installed in the early 1960s.

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