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Plummer is serving on a team for the development of Lake Ralph Hall, one of the first reservoir development projects of its kind in Texas in decades. Our responsibilities include the identification and assessment of environmental resources within the proposed project area for the reservoir and along alternative pipeline routes for transferring water to the service area, as well as assistance with environmental permitting. Services provided to date include a Preliminary Environmental Characteristics Study, Preliminary Jurisdictional Determination, a Preliminary Habitat Assessment, a Functions Assessment Analysis, a Stream Watershed Assessment and Measurement Protocol Interaction Model, 404 Permit Application Preparation, Public Participation Support, USACE Coordination, Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Coordination, and expert witness support during the water right permit hearing.


North Texas Municipal Water District Texoma-Wylie Pipeline

North Texas Municipal Water District proposed construction of an 84-inch diameter pipeline to convey water from Lake Texoma directly to blending facilities at their Wylie Water Treatment Plant.

Central Oklahoma Master Conservancy District Del City Waterline Replacement Project & Environmental Services

The project included the design and replacement of an existing 34,000 linear feet (LF), 18-inch to 24-inch diameter raw water transmission pipeline.

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