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Grapevine Lake
Grapevine Lake

Using the Water Quality Analysis Simulation Program (WASP), Plummer developed and calibrated a water quality model of Grapevine Lake. As a first step in developing the model, we acquired and managed historical water quality data from several sources, including rainfall, evaporation, reservoir water surface elevation, and nutrient, BOD, dissolved oxygen, and chlorophyll-a concentrations. Then, we analyzed lake bathymetry, created model segments, and constructed the WASP model. During model calibration, we identified relationships between the water quality data and biological and chemical processes operating in the lake. Finally, we used the model to assess eutrophication trends, investigate the potential impacts of wastewater discharges and urban development, and develop recommendations for future management strategies.


Lavon Lake Water Quality Modeling – Total Dissolved Solids

Plummer developed a monthly water balance model of Lavon Lake and the NTMWD water supply system to support evaluation of different water supply and water treatment management options.

Sister Grove Creek Water Quality Modeling – TPDES Permitting Support

To support permitting of a discharge of treated wastewater effluent from a new regional wastewater treatment plant, Plummer assisted the NTMWD in developing a QUAL-TX model and a plan for collecting field measurements of stream geometry and flowrates.

Dissolved Oxygen Model of Lewisville Lake

Using the EPA’s Water Quality Assessment Simulation Program (WASP), Plummer developed an advanced water quality model of Lewisville Lake to support a TPDES permit renewal for the Lakeview Regional Water Reclamation Plant.

Lavon Lake Water Quality Modeling – TPDES Permitting Support

Plummer developed a CE-QUAL-W2 model of Lavon Lake to evaluate impacts on dissolved oxygen, nutrients and chlorophyll-a levels in the lake.

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