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El Paso Water Utilities 2019 Water Conservation And Drought Contingency Plan


El Paso Water Utilities


El Paso, Texas
United States


Water & Energy Efficiency


Water & Energy Efficiency

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El Paso Water Utilities retained Plummer to update its Water Conservation Plan. Plummer characterized EPWater’s water usage, reported its water use goals, and described its conservation programs and associated water savings. 

Over the previous five years, EPWater’s municipal per capita water use decreased from 130 gallons per capita per day (gpcd) to 128 gpcd. The 2030 per capita goal of 125 gpcd is well below the goal set forth by the 2017 State Water Plan of 140 gpcd and represents reductions in annual water consumption equivalent to 554 million gallons per year at current population numbers.  According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) statistics, this is enough water to provide the annual water needs of 6,770 residential homes. 

From 2020 to 2030, the population of the City of El Paso is projected to increase by approximately 90,000 people.  The 2030 goal of 125 gpcd established in this plan will ensure that the complete water needs of 19,343 additional people, or 21.5 percent of the increased population, will be met with no additional demand on regional water resources.

EPWater has achieve its remarkable water savings through an extensive array of water conservation programs, including pricing, system operations, landscaping, public awareness and education, regulatory, rebate, and reuse measures.


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