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Water Conservation Services

We assist our clients in working with governing agencies in the development of water conservation and drought contingency plans for public water suppliers. Plummer characterizes, categorizes, and analyzes our customers’ water usage. This allows us to develop conservation programs in order to measure associated water savings over time. The objectives of a Water Conservation Plan are to:

  • Report (or document) the level of water recycling and reuse in the water supply
  • Reduce the loss and waste of water
  • Improve efficiency in the use of water
  • Extend the life of current water supplies by reducing the rate of growth in per capita demand.

The Plummer team has several services to assist our clients in achieving these objectives, such as utilizing a well-established industry classification system, performing ICI Water Efficiency Surveys, and developing and managing water conservation programs. With more than 45 years of experience in helping to foster conservation of our most precious natural resource, Plummer is well versed in:

Conservation Program Analysis

Too many times, we see folks try to hammer a square peg into a round hole by attempting to gauge energy and/or water use in terms of square feet. At Plummer, we are more industry-specific. For example,

  • Manufacturing – Gallons per Widget
  • Hotels – Gallons per Guest per Day

If we benchmark a specific industry, let’s say car washes, the data can be quickly analyzed to identify outliers that are using more or less water than the average. This method helps our clients to target industry specific water use for conservation in terms their customers understand, and to appropriately allocate resources toward reaching water use reduction goals.

Development & Management of
Conservation Programs

Our clients experience remarkable water savings through an extensive array of water conservation programs including:

  • Pricing
  • System Operations
  • Landscaping
  • Public Awareness & Education
  • Regulatory
  • Rebate
  • Reuse Measures
Water Conservation
& Drought Contingency Plans

Water Conservation is a Resource. It is water you already have, you do not need to pump it, treat it, or distribute it. Drought Management is a short-term response to an emergency scenario. Water Conservation can and will prevent or lessen the need for drought management, allowing for a water utility to continue selling water during their peak seasons and for their customers to continue to be able to use water during those times.

Water & Energy Efficiency Opportunity Surveys

Working with Plummer's Water & Energy Services division, water providers can offer ICIM
customers a free service to help achieve water conservation and water efficiency goals.
What Each Customer Receives:
  • Presurvey discovery meeting
  • On-site survey examining water-using fixtures, equipment, and processes (including cooling towers and irrigation systems)
  • A comprehensive, written report containing analysis of flow rates/water use, water balance, historical water use, and recommendations for savings in gallons and dollars
  • Postsurvey discussion meeting to review results
Plummer is a full-service engineering and consulting firm, designing solutions to the world’s greatest water challenges.

Client Testimonials

Overall, it has brought water conservation to the forefront of our discussions around resource use and stewardship.” He specifically noted the surveys “help them compare and benchmark by building type and function, quantify the waste/saving impact to set priorities, develop a list of action items, and provide training to support ongoing internal audits and assessments.

Garrett Rosser,

Energy Manager for Dallas College

Plummer’s commitment and passion for water conservation has proved to be a valuable partnership for the City of Fort Worth that goes far beyond simply conducting ICI audits...they’ve provided valuable insights into how various industries utilize water across the nation, enabling the City to develop more informed strategies for water conservation. Plummer consistently exemplifies industry leadership in water conservation in every interaction.

Micah Reed,

Water Conservation Manager for City of Fort Worth

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